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"No Self Doubt"

One of the greatest feelings on planet earth is that of "accomplishment". When you succeed at whatever it is that you've put your mind to it gives such a level of pleasure. Just imagine, it's your very own vision that has come to fruition. How exciting is that? All it does is push you to want to do more; be greater; aim higher! The one thing that causes it all to be null and void is "self doubt".

When you doubt, many times you never even try. You don't try to publish the book of fear it will never be good enough; You don't try to get that position due to fear you'll never add up; You don't try to open the business, carrying the fear it will be an epic fail. But what if, just what if you changed your perspective and elevated your mind out of that basement apartment where you've dwelt for so long. Imagine all of the possibilities and great things you could accomplish with that great mind of yours!

The honest truth is, its all up to you. Will you choose to think and be better? I know... sometimes we just need that push. Well consider yourself pushed. Let's go! You can do it! You have someone that believes in you. I want you to succeed so you can do like I did. After your accomplishment you have a inexplicable moment and you smell your flowers. M.E.A

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